PMPL Internet Data Centers are equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure with multi-redundant network & systems components. The architecture is designed to provide the internationally recommended Internet services quality standards. PMPL has a strategic tie-up with Cisco, Dell, APC, Amp, Nortel and many more IP & telecom infrastructure providers. Network is spread over various locations throughout the telecom district of Kolkata by having local POPs in multiple areas. PMPL is the only independent ISP with networks designed not only for the Internet Access but also for the high quality VoIP & other IP communications like Email, Hosting, Webcasting etc.


PMPL’snetworks are connected to Internet through STM. The network architecture is made to sustain a high quality by having links connecting out of fibers in both Trans-Atlantic & Trans-Pacific routes. PMPL is one of the few service providers who is peered at a capacity of DS3 with NIXI. The backbone architecture is depicted below.

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